Friday, August 3, 2007

This is me!

Yes, this is me. Boy, I sure was cute! Ha! Ha! My birthday was in April, but I was really supposed to be born the end of February. I guess you could tell I was a late bloomer. I was born in a small town in Idaho that only had one stop light.

Here are my gorgeous parents. This picture is from when they were newlyweds. They are standing outside my Grandma's house.

We lived in Idaho until I was five and then moved to El Paso, Texas. I attended Hillside Elementary School, Ross Middle School, Bassett Jr. High and Burges High School.

Here are some of the young men and young women that I went through mutual with.
Pictures left to right. Top:Me and Robert Scott. Middle:Becky Hernandez, Jennifer Dinkel, Daniel Scott, Angie Salcedo, James Scott, Laura, Elena,?,and Hanna.
Don't we look so excited. This picture was taken after a youth fireside that was held at my house.

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Beckyelpaso said...

Ilda you have to send me a copy of that picture! You look great by the way! Love ya!